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Redefining what the dental care should be,
and how to involve your life.

DENTAL OFFICE OTANI is state of the art, English speaking dental office in Umeda, Osaka.
We are a professional team including dentists trained, certified and licensed in the United States. We also work with dental hygienists having expert knowledge, and dental technician having a lot of experience of ceramic works.

Oral health is closely related to general health condition.
We believe that improving and maintaining comfortable dietary life and healthy smile with proper dental care improves the quality of life.

Our mission is to treat our patients as if they were our own family, and to provide global standard care based on our professional judgment and five core values to support your health.

We look forward to meeting you.


Core Value


Scientifically correct dental treatment is not always ideal for all patients. We do not push our one-sided treatment planning on patients. Because we believe that it is very important to face with the patient’s problems in sincerity and understand the demands for the treatment. In addition, we propose custom-made treatment options for each patients from professional stand point considering patients’ various situations, and we will do our best for the patients satisfaction on treatment outcome.


Have you ever experienced a feeling, ‘I am not sure about the condition of my teeth, treatment plan, or treatment outcome?’
DENTAL OFFICE OTANI is a professional team to aim for recovery and maintenance of oral health for our patients. However, it is not easy to achieve ideal outcomes only by dental treatment and professional maintenance, but also needs patients’ understanding and cooperation. Therefore, DENTAL OFFICE OTANI endeavors ‘Visualization of dental care’ and places great importance on communication with the patients in order for them to understand their own oral condition clearly.

□ Sufficient explanation of oral condition by using obtained materials (Exam, Intra-oral photos, Radiographs, Cast models)
□ Clear treatment planning and agreement from consultation
□ Clarification of treatment outcome (Intra-oral photos, Radiographs)
□ Customized maintenance plan for each patients


DENTAL OFFICE OTANI is a professional team including dentists trained, certified and licensed in the United States. We also work with dental hygienists having expert knowledge, and dental technician having a lot of experience of ceramic works.
We keep updating scientific information based on the progress of dentistry and reflect it to our dental treatment in order to provide safe, global standard and state of the art dental treatment for our patients.


Our biggest public contribution is to provide excellent dental treatments stably to all patients visit DENTAL OFFICE OTANI. Besides that, we make an effort to educate young dentists, dental hygienists and dental technicians in order to raise the standard of dental care in Japan through producing competent dental professions. In addition, we believe that it is important to transmit the information about oral health to people who rarely come to see dentists and contribute improving Dental IQ to more people in the society.


We bear in mind being a respectable person rather than being dentists, dental hygienists, dental technicians and co-dental staff. We cultivate broad commonsense and good manners, and dedicate to the treatments for our patients.


Team Member

Dr. Takafumi Otani
DirectorDDS, MSD (US), Ph.D (JP)
Prosthodontist (US, JP) Licensed in the US

Education and Career

  • 2004Graduated from Osaka University, School of Dentistry, Licensed (JAPAN)
  • 2008Graduated from Post graduate program in Prosthodontics,
    Osaka University, School of Dentistry (Ph.D)
  • 2014Graduated from Graduate Prosthodontics Program,
    University of Washington,School of Dentistry (Master of Science in Dentistry)
    Dentist Licensed by Washington State and practiced at a private clinic
    (Seattle Dental Studio) as a prosthodontist.
  • 2016Back to Japan, practiced at OTANI DENTAL OFFICE in Mino
  • 2017Opened DENTAL OFFICE OTANI in Umeda, Osaka

Affiliated University and Academic Society

  • Clinical Associate Professor in Post graduate program in Prosthodontics Osaka University, School of Dentistry
  • Affiliated Clinical Associate Professor in Graduate Prosthodontics Program, University of Washington, School of Dentistry
  • Clinical Associate Professor in Restorative Dentistry in Hokkaido University, School of Dentistry
  • Member of Japan Prosthodontic Society
  • Member of Japan Society of American-educated Postdoctoral Dentists (JSAPD)


  • Otani T, Kusumoto N, Wakabayashi K, Yamada S, Nakamura T, Kumazawa Y, Yatani H, Sohmura T. Application of Haptic Device to Implant Dentistry – Accuracy Verification of Drilling into a Pig Bone, Dental Material Journal. 2009; 28: 75-81

    Yamaguchi S, Otani T, Ono S, Yamanishi Y, Sohmura T, Yatani H. Intuitive Surgical Navigation System for Dental Implantology by Using Retinal Imaging Display, Implant Dentistry - A Rapidly Evolving Practice, Prof. Ilser Turkyilmaz (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-658-4, InTech

    Otani T. Digital Dentistry Now and Future –Material Selection, Restoration Design, and New Technology- Ann Jpn Prosthodontist Soc. 2016; 8: 394-399
  • Sohmura T, Kusumoto N, Otani T, Yamada S, Wakabayashi K, Yatani H. CAD/CAM fabrication and clinical application of surgical template and bone model in oral implant surgery. Journal of Clinical Oral Implant Research. 2009; 20: 87-93

    Otani T, Kanuma I, Rosen J, Raigrodski A. In vitro pilot evaluation of accuracy and precision of automated robotic tooth preparation system for porcelain laminate veneers. The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. 2015; 114: 229-35

    Raigrodski A, Otani T. Soft Tissue Management: The Restorative Perspective –Putting Concepts into Practice. Hanover Park: Quintessence, 2015: 29-42

Rei FujitaChief Dental Hygienist
Certified DH in the Academy of Clinical Dentistry

Education and Career

  • 2007Graduated from Osaka Dental Hygienist College
  • 2017Chief Dental Hygienist at DENTAL OFFICE OTANI

Affiliated University and Academic Society

  • Instructor for Dental Hygienist, SJCD OSAKA
  • Instructor for Hakusui Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Member of the Japan Academy of Clinical Periodontology
  • Member of the Academy of Clinical Dentistry

Naoya FujitaniDental Technician

Education and Career

  • 2007Graduated from Shin-Osaka Dental Technical College, Licensed (JAPAN)

Dr. Sakiko AmanoPart-time Associate Dentist

Dr. Serina ShibasakiPart-time Associate Dentist

Education and Career

  • 2004Graduated from Kyushu Dental College, Licensed (JAPAN)
  • 2005Worked at Kyushu Dental College Department of Dental Anesthesia
  • 2017Associate Dentist at DENTAL OFFICE OTANI as an anesthesiologist
  • Haruka Tabuchi

    Dental Hygienist

  • Tamami Matsushima

    Dental Assistant

  • Miyu Osaka



530-0012, OSAKA UK GATE 3F, 2-2-1
Shibata Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka

Mon. - Fri.



Treatment Room

Each room is designed semi-compartment for privacy, state of art dental unit is installed. A 50 inches monitor is in front of the patient to see intra oral photos, radiographs. In addition, an external dental vacuum apparatus is installed by the dental unit in order to maximize the clean environment by minimizing water, metal and plastic powder scattering.

Operation Room

This room is for surgical procedures such as implant surgery or advanced periodontal treatment. This room is completely isolated to minimize the risk of infection. A medical monitor is also equipped to monitor intra operative vitals in order to perform a safe surgery.

Counseling Room

We consult and explain the result of oral exam, treatment plan in this room considering patient’s privacy. We take time for patient to discuss treatment options and a course of treatment based on radiographs, photos, and patient requests.

Brushing Room

An exclusive space for brushing teeth before treatment or check your appearance after the treatment.

Dental Laboratory

Fabrication of prosthesis (Crowns, Fillings) is usually outsourced in most of dental offices. We fully equip In-house dental lab, and an experienced dental technician stays all the time. This enables us to fabricate accurate prosthesis and repair dentures in a short time. In addition, our dental technician verifies tooth color and shape with doctors in a treatment room to fabricate aesthetic prosthesis.


A medical microscope (Carl Zeiss) is also installed for more precise diagnosis and advanced treatment with up to 21 times magnification. Surgical loupes can magnify enough in most cases, however, there is limitation. The microscope allow us to visualize the lesions precisely and enable us to diagnose intractable symptoms.

CT scan

CBCT is a special type of x-ray equipment used for 3 demential imaging for dental and maxillofacial region. The reconstructed 3D images allow us to examine the data such as root morphology, course of nerve inside of jaw, thickness of the jaw bone, presence of lesions, from all aspects and to diagnose precisely.

Digital X-ray System

Digital system reduce Xray exposure and also provide clear images. These images are transferred instantaneously to a monitor in front of patient in a treatment room without waiting time.


We adopt ‘Standard Precautions’. Standard precautions apply to blood, all body fluids, secretions, and excretions except sweat, regardless of whether or not they contain blood, non intact skin, and mucous membranes. The precautions are designed to reduce the risk of transmission of microorganisms from both recognized and unrecognized sources of infection in hospitals.
In our office, a hygiene management is thoroughly upheld in order to observe Standard Precautions’ . All sterilizable instruments are washed, disinfected and sterilized by;

Jet Washer : Automated high temperature and high pressure jet water flow allows standardizing of the high cleaning effect

Class B Autoclave: This is a high-performance, high pressure steam sterilizer conformable to the European standard EN13060. Only Class B autoclave enable to sterilize all shapes of medical instruments in a vacuum

Hand piece high speed Autoclave: Each hand-pieces (high-speed drill for removing decay and shape tooth structure) are sterilized for each patients in this office. This autoclave is specially designed for hand-piece

Surgical loupes

Loupes provide magnified views of lesions that is difficult to find with the naked eye. Loupes enable us to provide accuracy of the treatment and precise operation in all procedures.


Bacterial contamination inside of dental unit water pipe is generally considered the decrease of the effective chlorine concentration.
All water through the dental units pipeline are sterilized and keep it hygienic over night.